How do I find positions?
How to apply a position?
How often do you update your position listings?
How do I apply for multiple jobs?
How do I check my application status?
How do I maintain my profile?
What if I forget my password?
How can I check if my application is successfully submitted?
Why I keep encountering problem in making application for a position?
How can I know if I am a registered candidate or not?
Does HA recognize academic qualifications achieved outside Hong Kong? If yes, which professional qualifications are being considered?
Does HA recognize experienced medical practice in general medical and professional specialist qualification experiences (such as cardiology specialist, vascular ultrasound therapist, and researcher or university professor etc.) obtained outside Hong Kong?
What are the basic entry requirements for enrolling as a Registered Nurse within HA? Does nursing qualifications registered outside Hong Kong will be recognized? Also, what are the optional paths for overseas experienced registered nurse who wants to apply to work in Hong Kong’s healthcare industry?
Is that the offer is for granted after I taken the interview / written test?